Reset AfterDrink

New flavour: passionfruit - ginger

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Reset AfterDrink is a strong 2-component system that contains a unique recipe with large amounts of Glutathione, Cysteine and Choline. Reset AfterDrink allows your body to process Acetaldehyde (a toxic waste product of alcohol). The bottles contains various anti-oxidants and amino acids and encourages your body to recover up to 5 times faster after drinking alcohol. 

Amount of bottles: 6-pack
Great nights, Better mornings! Owing to Reset Afterdrink

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You can discover more about the negative effects of alcohol and how Reset works at our 'learn' page.

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Fulfils expectations

Of course, it is not a miracle cure, but it really does reduce your hangover and therefore make you have a good day afterwards!


Easy to use!

I used Reset after drinking a few wines with girlfriends. We bought it because the bottle looks cool and the promise of the product sounds appealing. Clear instructions, a big gulp to drink away, but in my opinion it worked! Still tired though, but no headache/nausea or other hangover symptoms.



I had no hangover the next day at work.


Surprised by this product

Tried Reset with a bunch of friends, it works amazingly well! Little to no hangover the next morning, highly recommended.



Less hangover symptoms the next day! We'll drink to that!


After an enjoyable evening, the next day was also great!