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We help you to reach your full potential. Thanks to Reset AfterDrink and Reset Recovery, you will feel good at any moment. Our formula has been proven to be a highly effective composition of the right ingredients to remove a variety of radicals from your body, including Acetaldehyde, a breakdown product of alcohol.

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With Reset AfterDrink you recover up to 5 times faster after drinking alcohol.

Due to the right ingredients, such as: Gluthatione and Cysteine

Discover how
Fit after alcohol
The wonder cure for hangovers actually works
Beat your hangover with a new magic drink
Say bye-bye to your bloody hangover with Reset!
Never a hangover again, thanks to the miracle cure
A drink that promises to ward off the next day's hangover
Reset and Refresh

AfterDrink vs Recovery

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After too much alcohol



After normal use of alcohol



Daily recovery







Oxford University Press
It´s a fact we already knew: our ingredients do help to overcome the negative effects of alcohol

Medical Council on Alcohol and Oxford University Press

The cap

Shake the bottle a few times to loosen the powder in the cap. Open the bottle by unscrewing the white cap, do not peel off the plastic sleeve, that is not necessary. Keep twisting! The vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids will drop into the water. Unscrewing the cap makes the helix mix the ingredients. Move the cap up and down to extract the last residue of powder. Drink right away, the longer you wait the less tasty the drink becomes and remember to drink two glasses of water for hydration.

The Helix

The helix ensures the perfect blend of vitamins and antioxidants.

The bottle

The new bottle is specially designed for Reset. The design makes it very easy to prepare the drink, thanks to a revolutionary opening mechanism. During opening, the powder is automatically mixed with the Reset liquid. The packaging has been nominated for the Dutch Packaging Award of 2019.


1 Reset AfterDrink containing each 80ml liquid and 7g powder

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