Enjoying an evening with alcohol and be fit and sharp the next day?

   Reset AfterDrink   


helps you recover faster after drinking alcohol and prevents the harmful symptoms of alcohol the next morning.

Reset AfterDrink contains powerful antioxidants that remove radicals from your body much faster, and so help you reach the full day’s potential. Our formula is a highly effective and proven formulation of the right ingredients to remove various radicals from the body, including Acetaldehyde: a breakdown product of alcohol. Use Reset AfterDrink after drinking alcohol before going to bed to eliminate the toxic acetaldehyde faster and be free of it the next morning. 


How does Reset work?

One of our key ingredients is glutathione. Glutathione is the body's strongest antioxidant. As mentioned, the body first transforms alcohol into acetaldehyde before it is turned into acid for energy. Acetaldehyde is a toxic substance and needs to be eliminated from your body as soon as possible. To do this, the body uses this glutathione, a peptide that the body produces itself and is only available in small amounts as a reserve when is not needed. When drinking alcohol, this reserve is quickly runs out. For this reason, Reset has added glutathione to the products to give the body more of the necessary ingredients to quickly process acetaldehyde. To stimulate the body's production of glutathione, we also add large amounts of cysteine. Glutathione can be recycled by the body. but not very quickly. To help the body get rid of acetaldehyde faster, the body needs to produce more of the required glutathione. Therefore, three amino acids are needed, cysteine is one of them. this amino acid, a nutrient, is not extensively available in the body and can only be obtained through consumption. Chicken eggs, for example, contain this nutrient, but not in the quantities needed to speed up the process. Therefore, Reset has added cysteine to this food supplement to help your body make much more glutathione. By adding cysteine, the acetaldehyde can be processed by the liver up to five times faster. In on top of that, Reset adds all kinds of vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants to support the process as much as possible. 

With Reset AfterDrink you recover up to

5 times faster after drinking alcohol

  Due to the right ingredients, such as  

  Gluthatione and Cysteine 

What causes the harmful effects of alcohol?

The substance alcohol itself is not very harmful, but people do get drunk from it. It makes people more emotional, causes mood and behavioural changes, but also slows down the senses. This can result in people harming themselves or others. This is one of the reasons alcohol is banned for drinking and driving. The main problems are caused by alcohol’s breakdown product: acetaldehyde. This is a very harmful and radical substance! Too much acetaldehyde can damage brain cells, cause headaches and directly affect the stomach and intestines. Our bodies can handle small amounts of acetaldehyde and will break it down to create acetic acid that provides energy. A problem only occurs when the body is provided with an abundance of acetaldehyde. This happens quickly when drinking alcohol. This is because alcohol is not a natural nutrient for humans and so the body is not eguipped for handling these amounts. The liver breaks down acetaldehyde slowly, but the body produces only a very small amount of glutathione, an antioxidant enzyme that helps convert acetaldehyde into acetic acid. Unfortunately, there is only a small amount of glutathione in the system. The body has to recycle this enzyme (which takes a relatively long time), which is why there is a good chance that after drinking alcohol, a lot of acetaldehyde is left in the body when you wake up the next morning. This is the main reason why a person might feel sick the day after.


What makes Reset different?

We did our research! Our remedy evolved from the age-old story that eating a raw egg after drinking alcohol helps you wake up fresh and sharp. We discovered that the active ingredient of a raw egg - cysteine - actually helps with these results. Providing the body with sufficient amounts to achieve this result is complicated. Our pharmacist has done extensive literature studies on the effects of alcohol and what would help against it. We also used these findings and our own insights to conduct our scientific research. One of these was a large placebo-controlled field study that showed that more than 80% of the people experienced a greatly reduced to no hangover feeling after drinking alcohol and consuming Reset AfterDrink compared to the control group. This was a significant proven effect. This study was designed with extreme care in collaboration with a professor at Radboud University in Nijmegen. Our research led us to a unique and strong two-component product:  Reset AfterDrink.


1 bottle Reset AfterDrink contains 80 ml liquid and 7 gram powder 


Our main ingredients 

 Vitamin C 










 Thiamin B1 


 Vitamin B6 & B10 

Store Reset AfterDrink room temperature ( 15-25 C ). Reset AfterDrink has a shelf life of 2 years.

It can travel with you on the plane.  


  Designed in Amsterdam  

Our products are designed in The Netherlands. 


The bottle is specially designed for Reset. The design makes it very easy to prepare the drink, thanks to a revolutionary opening mechanism. During opening, the powder is automatically mixed with Reset Liquid. The packaging has been nominated for the Dutch Packaging Award of 2019. 




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