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In addition to individual orders, you can also choose ResetRepeat. This is a service that periodically delivers products to your home. This is cheaper and you always have enough at home!

Recovery: 2 months

A delivery of 2 x 60 capsules every 2 months

€22.5 instead of €25

10% discount

Recovery: 4 months

A delivery of 2 x 120 capsules every 4 months

€42.5 instead of €50

15% discount

Recovery: 6 months

A delivery of 2 x 180 capsules every 6 months

€60 instead of €75

20% discount


Two cans with each 60 capsules, enough for two months!
1 x Reset Recovery
1 x Reset Activator


Reset recovery is a two component system developed from the proven recipe of Reset AfterDrink. One dose of Reset Recovery contains one blue capsule and one white capsule. Take one dose of Reset Recovery with a glass of water every day before going to sleep. 

If you have been drinking alcohol you can, depending on your own experience, take a double (2+2), a triple (3+3), a quadruple (4+4) or even a quintuple (5+5) dose of Reset Recovery to be fresh and sharp the next morning. To prevent dehydration, add some glasses of water.


The capsules in the Reset Recovery can:
Asparagine, Choline and Gelatine

The capsules in the Reset Activator can:
Gluthatione, Cysteine, Vitamin C, Thiamine B1, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B10

10%, 15% or 20%

The amount of your order depends on your ResetRepeat choice. If you choose a larger pack, you will get a bigger discount!

Cheaper shipping

Cheaper shipping costs, depending on destination country and subscription choice.

Manage your Reset
repeat plan

Change, pause or stop your ResetRepeat plan, easily and quickly!

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