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Hi, we are Reset Lifestyle Products and you must have seen us at the event in Lunteren. First of all, thank you for your interest in our alcohol recovery products. You've probably already heard our story and maybe even tried a Reset sample.

On this page we are going to make it a lot more interesting for you. We are one of the few alcohol recovery products that actually works and have yet to find one that works better than ours. Curious how? Then read on

Market Potential

Economic hangover damage due to loss of work productivity in billions per year:

In the USA $191 B

In the EU €86 B

We do not focus on justs the hangover only

But on the negative effects of alcohol in general, even if you have not drunk too much. We want to shape and improve the alcohol lifestyle of the future. We want people to be healthy and feel good at any time. Our products are recognisable by their unique design and easy to use.

Prevent the negative effects of alcohol with Reset

Money meets Idea

We are looking for informal investors who can help us to grow faster!

We welcome you to join our inner circle. Drop us an email with your contact information at:

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Our Products

We currently have two types of (alcohol) recovery products on the market. In liquid and in capsule form. Positioned in different price segments related to single versus repeated use. Click on the products to discover more about it. Also amazing new visions of recovery product variations are created! Drop us an Email, we are happy to tell more!

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Jumpstart your wellness with Reset